The Importance of Getting your Alfa Romeo Serviced at an Authorised Service Centre

Alfa Romeo Service Centre in Artarmon

Alfa Romeos are fine Italian cars that stand at the peak of the automotive experience. With race engineering that’s streamlined for the city, an Alfa is more than just a car. It’s a symbol. This is why you need to ensure that your Alfa Romeo service centre in Artarmon gives nothing but quality care and attention. Let’s look at the importance of using an authorised Alfa Service Centre for your optimum Alfa running condition.


When taking your Alfa Romeo in for a car service, you want to be confident. After all, it’s your pride and joy. One of the benefits of using an authorised Alfa Romeo automotive service centre Artarmon, Lane Cove is that you get guaranteed experience. An Alfa centre will be staffed by qualified mechanics who know luxury European automobiles. They’re going to be able to give your car the best treatment and care possible.

If you take it elsewhere, you might save some money but in the end, you’re taking a gamble. Not every Automotive mechanics has what it takes to service, repair or maintain an Alfa Romeo. That’s why it is essential to get you’re an Alfa car serviced at Authorised service station Artarmon, Sydney.



Going to an unauthorised mechanic can void your factory warranty. Although these cars are renowned for smooth functioning and have no known faults, sometimes things just go wrong. If you’ve used an Authorised European Mechanic they will ensure that all parts get installed according to the specifications given by Alfa Romeo. This means your log book will be up to date, and your warranty will be intact.


Not a Dealer? No Worries

It’s not a problem if your Authorised Alfa Romeo service centre isn’t part of an Alfa Romeo dealership. As long as they have the correct certificates and authorisations from Alfa Romeo, they are still able to repair and service your car. Your prized possession will still get the treatment it deserves.


Other Benefits

Authorised Artarmon Automotive Service Centre will often have special offers and discounts, especially for loyal customers. This can mean big savings and access to promotions.


Save Money

Taking your Alfa Romeo back to the dealership for a service or repair can be expensive. One of the benefits of using an authorised Alfa Romeo car service centre is that they’ll be able to perform exactly the same job but for a fraction of the cost.


30 Years of Experience

Here at Cruise Automotive, we have more than 30 years of Automotive experience. We have what it takes to correctly service, maintain and repair top luxury vehicles – Alfa Romeo, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot etc. We are your authorised Alfa car service centre in Artarmon, Lane Cove and we will happily look after your pride and joy. Please feel free to get in touch with us to book in for a free inspection and quote.