Buying a luxurious car is not enough; it requires regular maintenance too. Where such expensive cars are concerned, trusting just any mechanic is not advisable. You need a reputed workshop to handle all the work. At Cruise Automotive Car Services we take care of all your automobile requirements and give you exemplary restoration solutions. We have the infrastructure and resources to serve your needs. Visit our service centre today and get your vehicle serviced.

Services we offer

We have a team of expert mechanics and all of them are passionate about cars. At our service centre you’ll get premium car servicing. Our services include repairing, restoration, upgradation and general servicing. We only use high quality parts in restorations, repairs and replacements. Every other component we use (electronic and electrical) is of the highest quality too. We care for your safety as well as the lifespan of your vehicles. At our workshop we utilise five different types of scanners to detect and diagnose faults.


The parts we install or replace come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Along with it we provide our customers with a lifetime warranty on our workmanship on services provided. Every part or fluid changed by us is of a high grade and have a factory warranty. We focus on customer satisfaction and ensure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with our work. All our services are designed to delight customers and solve their problems. When it comes to cost, all our solutions are reasonably priced. They are affordable and offer value for money. Any work performed by Cruise Automotive Car Services is warranted for life as long as your vehicle is regularly serviced by us.

Various services

We have a variety of services to offer you:

  • Electrical repairs
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Braking system, complete repair or restoration.
  • Air conditioning
  • Repair or change of electrical and mechanical components.
  • Engine restoration.
  • Transmissions
  • Overall handling
  • Many more

We are also experts in upgradation of vehicles. You can also get your vehicle’s speed, handling, clock cycle, suspension etc. upgraded. We can also add spoilers, neon lights and other accessories to your car.

We are equipped to handle cars of different European brands, such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Jaguar, Fiat etc. Being a Sydney based firm, we cater to people of the city as well as its suburbs. If you want, we can also arrange for a pickup and will bring you back the car to you, once it has been serviced or repaired. For any further details or booking our services you can either call Cruise Automotive Car Services on 02 9438 1405. One of our executives will attend to you and confirm your booking. Come to us and get your luxurious and expensive car repaired.