Multiply Your Petrol Savings with Vehicle Maintenance this Winter

European Car Specialist in Artarmon

Winter can be tough. Cold, wet mornings and long, dark nights can make it a less than enjoyable time for all of us. It’s not all bad, though – especially if you have a luxury car.

The only question is: Are you spending more on petrol than you should be this winter?

Your Auto Service Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

The key to efficiency for your luxury car is getting it professionally serviced at Artarmon Automotive. This applies to all times of year but especially during winter. There are a few benefits to having your car serviced at a non-dealership location. Let’s explore how a non-dealer expert can make your service a dream.


Affordable Price

Dealership services can be expensive. One of the benefits of a non-dealership European Auto Mechanic is that you get quality service and workmanship, for a fraction of the cost!


No Compromise on Quality

There’s still no difference in the quality that you’ll receive at a non-dealership service. In fact, you can still get log book services done so your factory warranty remains intact! All you need is to look up for Artarmon European car mechanic who is certified to work on your luxury vehicle.


Better Service

You’ll often find higher quality more personal service at a professional European Car mechanic in Artarmon, Sydney then you would from a large dealer. This is because you and your car get the personal attention they deserve. You’ll also get in-depth knowledge and extensive experience from your mechanic.


Driving Smart to Save Petrol – Vehicle Care Directly Impacts Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that the way you drive can have implications for your vehicles fuel efficiency? This means that both regular servicing and your driving style are important. Let’s take a look at a few practical things you can do to save money at the pump.


Avoid Peak Hour 

Some people simply can’t avoid peak hour but if you can it will seriously help your petrol consumption. The constant stop-start driving style that dominates peak hour will chew through your tank.


Keep the Windows Up

Although it can be tempting to let in some of that fresh winter, lowered windows can mean more petrol consumption. This is because of wind drag.


Keep Your Acceleration Smooth

Smooth and steady acceleration will win the race, especially when it comes to petrol efficiency.


Avoid the Air Con

It can be tempting to keep the air con on, especially to keep those windows de-fogged! The excess use of the air conditioner will chew through your petrol, so try to use it sparingly during the colder months.


Tyre Pressure

Having the correct amount of air pressure in your tyres will guarantee a fuel-efficient car. Check your tyres regularly and keep them inflated according to your European car manufacturer’s specifications.


 Get A Service This Winter!

You’re local European Car Specialists Artarmon, Cruise Automotive Service know what it takes to keep your luxury car in prime condition. Book in for a service this winter, and make sure that your car runs as well as it should. We’re also more than happy to share some more tips on how to save fuel this winter for your luxurious car – Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, BMW, ! Please get in touch with us for your free inspection and quote.