Does a Mercedes-Benz Need Premium Gas to Run Efficiently?

Premium gas about to be pumped into black Mercedes Benz

A luxury car isn’t just luxury because it has leather seats and a sleek exterior, and it’s not a just luxury because it has a brand name on it, like Mercedes-Benz. What makes a luxury car is not what’s on the outside, but what’s under the bonnet. You’re a luxury vehicle is made with only the best and that means that it needs to be fuelled with only the best.

At Cruise Automotive, we recommend that you only use premium fuel in your luxury car.

The Difference between Premium and Regular Petrol

Regular unleaded petrol is most commonly used. It is a by-product of crude oil, it’s highly flammable, and it’s lead-free. This means that it is the superior product in terms of health and the environment.

 Premium petrol is quite similar to unleaded, in that it comes from crude oil and is combustible. It is known as a “high octane gas”, and it keeps engines cleaner due to detergent additives, while also producing less pollution.


Which is Better for Luxury Cars?

If you a smoother engine for your Mercedes, then premium petrol is the way to go. Why? Well, it has something to do with that high octane rating. The higher the rating, the better the fuel mixture can resist a pre-ignition or knocking, making the engine run smoothly.

If that hasn’t convinced you, perhaps the idea that you might increase your engine sustainability will. While premium petrol is a bit more expensive than regular fuel, the regular variety also burns up much quicker. This is fine if your engine has a low compression ratio, but if you’re driving around a Benz; your engine will have a higher compression ratio, especially if it makes use of turbocharging. Because of this, you’ll need premium gas that doesn’t ignite quite as easily.

Always check your owner’s manual for what type of fuel is required for your European vehicle.


What If You Fill Your Car with the Wrong Petrol?

If you managed to put the wrong fuel in your car’s tank, there are a few things that can happen. For example, you can cause some serious damage to your engine, fuel pumps and fuel systems.

If you notice your mistake right away, do not start your car. This will cause the wrong fuel to circulate throughout your vehicle, causing immediate damage that will need expensive and complicated repairs. If you pump the wrong fuel into your car, you should call Mercedes- Benz service centre immediately to have your system flushed.

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